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The Geography curriculum aims to ensure that students develop:

  • a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect for places, people, cultures and environments throughout the world

  • a deep geographical knowledge of their own locality, Australia, the Asia region and the world

  • the ability to think geographically, using geographical concepts

  • the capacity to be competent, critical and creative users of geographical methods and skills

  • the capacity to be informed, responsible and active citizens who can contribute to the development of a world that is environmentally and economically sustainable, and socially just.

History aims to ensure that students develop:

  • interest in, and enjoyment of, historical study for lifelong learning and work, including their capacity and willingness to be informed and active citizens

  • knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the past and the forces that shape societies, including Australian society

  • understanding and use of historical concepts and skills, including sequencing chronology, using historical sources as evidence, identifying continuity and change,  analysing cause and effect and determining historical significance

  • capacity to undertake historical inquiry, including skills in the analysis and use of sources, and in explanation and communication of arguments.

Civics and Citizenship aims to ensure students develop:

  • a lifelong sense of belonging to, and engagement with, civic life as an active and informed citizen in the context of Australia as a secular democratic nation with a dynamic, multicultural and multi-faith society

  • knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the values, principles, institutions and practices of Australia’s system of democratic government and law, and the role of the citizen in Australian government and society

  • skills necessary to investigate contemporary civics and citizenship issues, and foster responsible participation in Australia’s democracy

  • the capacities and dispositions to participate in the civic life of their nation at a local, regional and global level.

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