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Learning mathematics creates opportunities for and enriches the lives of all Australians.

At Powlett River Primary School our Mathematics teaching and learning activities (in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum) provide students with skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • number and algebra

  • measurement and geometry

  • statistics and probability


Our school mathematics program includes:

  • Daily classroom mathematics sessions

  • Whole class and small group teaching based on student needs

  • Open-ended questions and real-life problem solving activities

  • Integrated ICT resources, including the use of Mathletics, interactive whiteboard educational programs, and the use of mathematics ‘apps’ on classroom iPads

  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of student learning according to the Victorian curriculum.


Through our school mathematics program we aim to develop:

  • A genuine enjoyment of mathematics as a subject in which all students can achieve and be successful

  • All students’ abilities to use and apply mathematics effectively in everyday situations

  • Independent, as well as co-operative, ways of working, encouraging students to explore ideas and activities in a variety of group settings

  • Student confident in their ability to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in a variety of real life situations

  • Student ability to use effective mental and/or written calculation strategies 



  • Students participate in on-line interactive activities using our school subscription to Mathletics.

  • Mathletics is an activity-based, online resource that can be used at school, at home, independently, or as a class.

  • All students at Powlett River Primary School have individual logon information that allows them to access this fantastic educational resource at home.

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